About Us

THOMI AFRICA is a non-government, not-for-profit for gender equality and women empowerment. THOMI AFRICA could also be labelled as an implementing organization which designs and implements various developmental projects with the financial and technical support of international donor agencies and the government.

Year of Establishment

THOMI AFRICA was established in year 2006.


THOMI AFRICA envisions a "poverty-free, empowered women and girls in Africa; which is guided by the values of equity, accountability, inclusion and respect”


THOMI AFRICA’s Mission is to ““work for the development & empowerment of socio-economically disadvantaged & vulnerable women and girls in Africa and assist them in addressing their poverty-linked issues”

Broad Objectives

Following are board objectives of THOMI AFRICA:

  • Promotion of Education with Special Focus on Girls’ Education especially STEM
  • Promotion of Gender Equality & Women Empowerment, and Address Gender Based Violence Issues
  • Promotion of Child Protection, Rights of Children & Youth Development and Address the Issues related to Abuse and marginalization of Children, Adolescents and Youth
  • Promote Basic Health Facilities and Address HIV & AIDS
  • Support Development of Civil Society and Institutional Development

Core Programs / Thematic Focus

THOMI AFRICA has following seven core programs or thematic focus which helps Organisation in strategically achieving its mission.

  1. Disaster Risk Reduction & Climate Change
  2. Livelihoods & Food Security
  3. Education
  4. Gender Equality
  5. Water, Sanitation and Physical Infrastructure
  6. Children & Youth
  7. Health and HIV & AIDS

Focus Groups

THOMI AFRICA’s focus is on the socio-economically disadvantaged groups of women, youth and children. Keeping in view the overall socio-cultural fabric of the society and the overall power imbalances and discriminations that exist at all levels; the focus, amongst these groups, is again on most vulnerable and the marginalized ones. THOMI AFRICA also focuses on the inclusion of minorities and special groups such as widows and physically impaired persons and elderly people.

Geographical Focus

The Organisation's main geographic focus is not only limited to the South Africa but Africa in general

Legal Status

THOMI AFRICA is a registered body. The Organisation is registered under “The South Africa Department of Social Development as a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and the registrar of companies CIPC. The registration number is 2015/39159/08

Partners & Partnerships

Partnerships are the heart-line of THOMI AFRICA. The Organisation refers as “PARTNERS” to all those individuals, communities, and organizations and departments which join hands for extending program interventions. Beneficiary community, the line departments, national and international donors, the provincial governments, and other key stake holders from civil society are the best examples of THOMI AFRICA’s Partners. These partnerships help organization (financially and technically) to achieve its mission.

Since its establishment in year 2006; THOMI AFRICA has remained privileged in getting the opportunity to work with a number of diverse partners who not only extended financial support for various projects; but also adequately build the capacity of organization from different perspectives.

THOMI AFRICA greatly values and acknowledges the support of its partners who provided their great support to THOMI AFRICA for its previous current projects. These include the commission for Gender Equality, The World Bank Group, The IMF, TCPI Group, TFAS. etc.

Memberships & Affiliations

THOMI AFRICA believes that networking, collective efforts, sharing of knowledge, resources and information is a key to the success as for addressing the global Developmental goals, issues and challenges are concerned. Keeping this critical fact in mind; the organization always tries to join all such forums and networks which directly link to its mission and objectives. In this regard; the Organisation has joined the following important networks operating at local and international levels.

Child Rights International Network (CRIN)

CRIN is a very important network as for the promotion of rights of children around the globe is concerned. CRIN (www.crin.org) has inspiration from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and put children’s rights on the top of the international agenda. CRIN launch advocacy campaigns, lead international children's rights coalitions, and strive to make existing human rights enforcement mechanisms accessible for all. THOMI AFRICA became member of CRIN during 2009

World Association of NGOs (WANGO)

The World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) is one of the world’s important membership associations for NGOs, with members in over 140 countries. The WANGO (www.wango.org) is an international organization uniting NGOs worldwide in the cause of advancing peace and global well being. WANGO helps to provide the mechanism and support needed for NGOs to connect, partner, share, inspire, and multiply their contributions to solve humanity’s basic problems. THOMI AFRICA received WANGO’s formal membership in year 2009.