Marry A girl At 23

Our fouth compaign #MaryAgirlAt23, Providing girls with an education helps break the cycle of poverty: educated women are less likely to marry early and against their will; Some of the cultural barriers may be more ingrained and hard to shed, but as girls become educated they become remarkable advocates for one another.

Children of educated women are more likely to attend school for longer. Globally, 62 million girls do not have access to either primary or secondary school. To close this deficit, $39 billion will need to be mustered annually . We call on world leaders to make 12 years of education available to every girl in TAKE ACTION NOW.

We need a page translator on the top right of the website We need a pop window(box) for pinging visitors for chatting at the bottom right with a picture of a girl answering a phone . you can use a widget like purechat- We want a popup window after 3second like side bar left side for my webpage.When any user visit our site then after 3 second automatically chat. The mobile number to be linked to is +2779 573 5366 an with a mobile application to see visitors on real time We also want to track- and See How our Visitors Are Really Using our Website or App. Geolocation of visitors,