Strategic Gifts

Working together, we align your philanthropic goals with the needs of the THOMI AFRICA Spirit

THOMI AFRICA is honored to work with committed individuals, families, foundations and institutions who are passionate about the impact their philanthropic investments can make.

Our Gifts Make a Difference

Together, We Change the World

THOMI AFRICA understands that to truly be inclusive, we must work together to empower GIRL Child in all aspects of their lives. Significant gifts from key individuals and foundations have been critical to the success of some of our most important accomplishments, including our groundbreaking work in STEM leadership, Technology, cross-cultural research, education and family support. We remain grateful to these key individuals and institutions that are driving our mission forward through their exceptional commitments.

Let's Talk

To learn more about how your gift can make a significant impact on the lives of girl child and their families, please contact Linus Wamanya Vice President of Strategic Gifts, at